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How to Plan Your Week
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Developing a Weekly Planning System
That Works..in a Ministry Context
Pastoral ministry is unlike any other job.
Because it’s more than a job.
And so we’re tempted to sacrifice things we aren’t called to sacrifice.
Our families.
Our health.
Our integrity.
Our souls.
Long-term sustained effectiveness doesn’t happen by chance.
It takes wisdom, grace, courage, mentors…and systems.
Priority Pastor is a comprehensive system for crafting a focused, sustainable life & ministry.
The training offered on here is just a small part of that larger system but will give you what you need to get started. 
Take 30 minutes right now to become more effective and efficient in planning your week.
Start crafting YOUR focused, sustainable life & ministry.
Feedback from the Live Webinar:
Some Things Addressed in this Fast-Moving Training:
  • The Planning Mindset: Get the your brain moving in the right direction before you plan
  • How to Evaluate Last Week: It can be done in seconds, but there is one question you MUST ask
  • The Key Components to a Life Plan: It's not about control, it's about having a clear Big Picture
  • The Four Categories to Add to Your To-Do List: Most pastors miss two of these
  • Rapid Prioritization: There is always more to do than can be done. How do you decide WHAT to do?
  •  Analyzing Your Plans: The key questions to ask about your week ahead before it starts
  • The Daily Launch Routine: No sense having a plan if you aren't going to work it.
  • ...And More! Yes, all this in only 30 minutes...
Daren Wride

Meet Your Instructor...

Daren Wride has been a pastor for nearly 30 years and is also an author, speaker, internet marketer and mentor.
For the past 8 years he has been serving as a Transitional Pastor, coming alongside churches and Christian leaders in seasons of crisis or change, and helping them move toward greater health and effectiveness. 
PriorityPastor.com helps pastors and their spouses craft focused, sustainable lives & ministries. 
Questions? Email Daren at info@prioritypastor.com
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